[sudo-users] sudo works for root, not for non-root users

donald.ritchey at exeloncorp.com donald.ritchey at exeloncorp.com
Wed Feb 2 10:19:00 EST 2005


Check to make sure that the copy of sudo on the machine with problems is
setUID root.  That would match the misbehavior you have described.

Donald L. (Don) Ritchey
Information Technology
Exelon Corporation

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I'm running sudo on about 10 machines with the same configuration.  The
machines are all of the same kind, on 9 of 10 of them, sudo runs as
intended.  however, on the 10th machine, sudo only works for root. 
Non-root users cannot use sudo.  My config looks like this:

User_Alias   ADMINS = admin1, admin2, admin3

Runas_Alias OP = root

root  ALL=(ALL) ALL

Its really strange that this machine doesn't allow non-root users to use
sudo, whereas with the same configuration on 9 other machines non-root
users could use sudo just fine.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to make sudo work for all users on
this system, I would appreciate it.
--Aaron Smith
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