[sudo-users] sudo with kerberos V under NetBSD 2.0

david.bonnafous at math.ups-tlse.fr david.bonnafous at math.ups-tlse.fr
Thu Feb 3 03:49:03 EST 2005


I try to use sudo 
  Sudo version 1.6.8p5

with kerberos under NetBSD 2.0. (heimdal kerberos distribution)

If the file /etc/krb5.keytab doesn't exist sudo works with a warning.

If this file exist and contain the host key principal sudo doesn't
work with the error:

azerty: {1} sudo pwd
Password for toto at MY-REALM.FR: 
sudo: kerb5: Cannot verify TGT! Possible attack!: Unknown error -1765328168
Sorry, try again.

can you help me ?

        David Bonnafous.

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