[sudo-users] "user is not allowed to run sudo on localhost."

Philippe Froidevaux philippe.froidevaux at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 08:18:39 EST 2005


I have sudo installed on a lot of computer, and I give sudo access to
some users.
My sudoers file looks like :

user1 host1 = ALL
user2 host2 = ALL
user3 host3 = ALL

and I dispatch it with a rdist-like command.

but on some host, entering the hostname does not work, and I always
get the message :
user1 is not allowed to run sudo on localhost.  This incident will be reported.

it works only with :
user1 localhost = ALL

I don't know why. The network parameters are correct. And of course I
must use the hostname, because not every people must access on very
hosts. I seems that 'sudo' identify the local host only as
'localhost', and not with its real-life hostname. The real hostname is
given in both /etc/hostname and in /etc/hosts.

I use sudo 1.6.8p5-1 on Debian Sarge.

any help is welcome...



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