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Sudo is distributed as a source, which can be compiled on most (all?) unix flavors with access to a decent compiler suite. 

The versions you list are probably binary packages which can be directly installed on the mentioned OS's without compilation. To compile the latest version on solaris you need access to either Sun's Compiler Suite or GCC.

// Kenneth

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Good morning,

Thank you for your response about sudo version.
When I type "sudo -V", it gives me: 
Sudo version 1.6.7p5

But we are using solaris 8 as operating system. And when I check in the following web site:

I have the following versions:

Solaris	8	sun4u	gcc2.95.2	1.6.8p1	Todd Miller	 --with-pam
Solaris	8	sun4u	SC4.2		1.6.8p1	Todd Miller	 --with-pam
Solaris	8	sun4u	Workshop 6.2	1.6.3p7	Donna Dickerson	 none
Solaris	8	sun4u	gcc2.95.3	1.6.6	Banu Yobas	 none
Solaris	9	sun4u	gcc3.3.2	1.6.8p1	Todd Miller	 --with-pam

and version 1.6.7p5 is only for Linux. How can it work on Solaris 2.8?

We are going to upgrade our OS to Solaris 9 rev 12/03. Will the version that we have on Solaris 8 work? if not which version do we need to install? is 1.6.8p1 the only version that works with Solaris 9?

With Best Regards

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