[sudo-users] RunAs support sudoers2ldif

kenneth.gullberg at foreningssparbanken.se kenneth.gullberg at foreningssparbanken.se
Tue Jan 4 07:01:53 EST 2005

Im setting up a test environment with the sudoers in ldap. 
Ive want to use RunAs aliases which is currently bug reported in
#   Does not yet handle multiple lines with : in them
#   Does not yet handle runas (xxx) syntax.
#   Does not yet remove quotation marks from options
#   Does not yet escape + at the beginning of a dn
#   Does not yet handle line wraps correctly
#   Does not yet handle multiple roles with same name (needs tiebreaker)
Ofcourse I want to use RunAs (xxx) syntax.. 
The format of my sudoers today is:
User_Alias APP1_DEV=devuser1,devuser2
Host_Alias APP1_TEST=app1test1,app1test2
Runas_Alias APP1_RUN=app1testuser
Cmnd_Alias APP1_CMD=/bin/ls
Cmnd_Alias SHELLS=!/bin/sh (etc etc etc etc... )
Can anyone confirm that this entry is the correct one with runas
dn: cn=APP1,ou=sudoers,dc=test,dc=example,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: sudoRole
cn: APP1
sudoUser: devuser1
sudoUser: devuser2
sudoHost: app1test1
sudoHost: app1test2
sudoRunAs: app1testuser
sudoCommand: /bin/ls
sudoCommand: !/bin/sh
sudoOption: authenticate
Best Regards
Kenneth Gullberg

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