[sudo-users] How to test sudoers before deployment?

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Fri Jan 7 12:01:57 EST 2005

In message <20050106182844.GB15307 at dementia.proulx.com>
	so spake  (bob):

> Is there way to easily check what permissions are given to a
> particular user on a particular machine?  Some functionally similar to
> using sudo -l but specifically for that user and host?  I am hoping
> someone will tell me I am missing something obvious.  :-)

You may find the testsudoers program useful.  It is really more of
a developement tool for the parser but it does allow you to specify
a sudoers file and check commands based on user and host.

You can add "testsudoers" to the PROGS variable in the Makefile or
just do "make testsudoers" to build it.

 - todd

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