[sudo-users] appending to a root owned file.

DBSMITH at OhioHealth.com DBSMITH at OhioHealth.com
Mon Jan 10 10:53:51 EST 2005


I was looking in the archives and found some data related to what I want to
accomplish, but not quite.
It told me to :

% sudo sh -c 'echo foo >> /var/log/bar'

With a sudoers entry like:

dude         somehost = /bin/sh -c /bin/echo foo >> /var/log/bar

but what I want is to append to /etc/hosts using sudo from with a script
that holds variables.
For example,


sudo echo $dev"\t"$id"\t""#" $loc >> /etc/hosts

but this is given me permission errors.
so then I tried:

sudo sh -c 'echo $dev"\t"$id"\t""#" $loc >> /etc/hosts'
with the line in my sudoers file  /usr/bin/sh -c

I am running 1.6.6
Any ideas?

thanks,  derek

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