[sudo-users] Sudo asks password after new kernel is installed

Tom Boschman tom.boschman at sectrackglobal.com
Wed Jan 26 05:05:27 EST 2005


We have a perl program, launcher.pl, that runs as user 'launcher'. In
the 'launcher.pl' program we execute sudo via the system() function to
run another perl program, mhs_deliverer.pl, as another user (from the
customer group). 
We modified the sudoers file so that no password was asked and
everything worked fine.
Here is a piece of the sudoers file.

User_Alias   MHS_USER       = launcher
Cmnd_Alias   MHS_CMND       = /usr/local/bin/mhs_deliverer.pl
Runas_Alias  CUSTOMER_RUNAS = %customer


Now after we installed the openmosix kernel
(openmosix-kernel-2.4.18-openmosix4.i386) and after reboot the sudo
command in the perl program now asks for a password whereas before it
didn't !

So I removed the openmosix kernel again but the problem resides ...

Here are some examples from the passwd file for users in the 'customer'

cust1:x:102193:400:a customer:/home/customer/cust1:/bin/false
cust2:x:102214:400:a customer:/home/customer/cust2:/bin/false

This is the 'launcher' entry:


Does anyone now how this is possible and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance,

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