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Mon Jul 4 21:23:53 EDT 2005

I am using it on AIX 5.3. I use mainly sudosh with it; new to sudo; and it 
works fine.


<html><div><P><FONT face="Lucida Handwriting, Cursive" color=#0033ff>Thanks 
and regards, </FONT></P>
<P><FONT face="Lucida Handwriting, Cursive" color=#0033ff>Manish B. 

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1<br>Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 13:23:45 +0300 (IDT)<br>From: Zvi Bar-Deroma 
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Ghorbani, Anoosh N wrote:<br><br> ><br> > Hello all,<br> ><br> 
><br> > Has anyone tested sudo on AIX 5.3.So far I have seen AIX 5.1 
being<br> > reported.<br><br>Donno about 5.3, but it works fine here on 
5.2.<br><br>Regards,<br>/Zvika<br><br> ><br> > Thank you<br> > 
Anoosh Ghorbani<br> ><br> > 
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