[sudo-users] Can I distribute the sudoers file as an rpm????

Wes Armour wes.armour at diamond.ac.uk
Tue Jul 19 06:17:53 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I would like to distribute our sudoers file using an rpm package.
My spec file looks like:


Summary: ...(lots of stuff...)

The sudoers file gives limited root access to pcs





rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT          

%config /etc/sudoers            


When I try to install the rpm I get:

file /etc/sudoers from install of diamond-sudoers-0.1-1 conflicts with
file from package sudo-1.6.7p5-30.1.1

Can I put something in my spec file to force the overwrite of
the /etc/sudoers file???

Thanks in advance,


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