[sudo-users] set syslog_badpri in ldap ?

Mark Benschop mark at mbfk.net
Thu Jul 28 08:08:24 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I'm currently testing sudo 1.6.8p8 on HPUX 11i with the configuration in
Which all works very neatly !!
I'm really very impressed by this. Stuffing the sudoconfig for quite a
number of boxes will make my life very easy (for a change) :-)

I set some of the default settings, like 'ignore_local_sudoers' and
'tty_tickets' in de cn=default.

Now I want to change the syslog priority from alert to error.

I see in the sudoers manpage it can be set in the /etc/sudoers file, which
I am not using because of the 'sudoOption  ignore_local_sudoers' Attribute
i've set.
But since the 'syslog_badpri' needs a value I can't just set it as a
sudoOption in ldap, I suppose.

So the question is : can syslog_badpri be set in LDAP, and if so ; How ??

Thanks for your help in this !


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