[sudo-users] Problem with CD command while using sudo

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Fri Jul 29 15:33:26 EDT 2005

In message <20050729191328.GC1210 at loosenut.com>
	so spake Russell Van Tassell (russell+sudo-users):

> This is highly OS/shell dependent... while some shells use an intrinsic,
> others actually call a script or similar.  Since cd essentially, at some
> point, works on the current shell, any call to sudo will fork a separat
>  process that, when it dies, leaves the parent shell unaffected. (in a
> nutshell, at least)

I challenge you to find a Unix system where cd is *not* a shell
builtin.  It is true that some systems have a /usr/bin/cd command
but that is due to POSIX requiring that all shell builtins have
equialents in /usr/bin.  It's not actually usable for anything
and it actually relies on cd being a builtin in the first place.

 - todd

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