[sudo-users] need root access but only to ..

John Kerby leapcad at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 9 12:55:33 EDT 2005

I have a few select users that need to be able to run any root commands but only to a select number for directories. I can limit the users to a filesystem but they can only execute a command in that filesystem. Also I can open up  the users to root commands  but then it is to EVERY filesystem. I need a combination of the two. I need to have any root commands but only to filesystem X. I have included a copy of of my sudoers file for review. Also I tried running the last few lines in combination but that didn't work either. Thanks
# -------------User alias specification ----------------------------#

User_Alias      USERS = john

# -----------------Runas alias specification -------------------------#

Runas_Alias     OP = root

# -----------------Host alias specification ---------------------------#

Host_Alias      IBM = admin

# --------------------Cmnd alias specification ----------------------#

Cmnd_Alias      SUPER = /usr/bin/, /usr/sbin/

# -------------------------User specification ---------------------------#

root            ALL = (ALL) ALL

#USERS         IBM = (OP) /test/ <--- this one only allow acces to /test.
#USERS         IBM = (OP) ALL    < --- this one allows root commands but to all filesystems.
USERS           IBM = (OP) SUPER ALL   < ---- Dont work!!

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