[sudo-users] sudo on HP-UX console

Pieterse H (ICTRO) H.Pieterse at ictro.drp.minjus.nl
Thu Jun 23 02:55:26 EDT 2005


Hi all,


I have problems using sudo on the system console.

When I log on using my personal account and try to do 

sudo ls /

and I respond with the right password the next message is replied:

is says:

Sorry, try again.


sudo:  incorrect password attempt


In the syslog is listed


Jun 23 08:36:04 borta001 sudo: pietersh : 1 incorrect password attempt ;
TTY=console ; PWD=/tb/usr/pietersh ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/ls


When I configure the sudoers file in a way that I don't have to enter
passwords (NOPASSWD:ALL), the ther is no problem.

/etc/securetty exists (console).


What do I need to do to make this work?



Thanks in advance for your help


Kind regards,



Harry Pieterse



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