[sudo-users] With-Pam and Failures on Console

Michael Monteith michael_r_monteith at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 10:52:49 EDT 2005

Anyone run across this one:  I compiled Sudo 1.6.8p9 on HPUX box using -with-Pam support but it also occured in the p5 version.  When you login via a console and try to run sudo you get:

me at myhost:/:sudo su -


Sorry, try again.

Of course I replaced my actual account and host with:  me and myhost

But telnetting to the host works fine.  compiling without pam support works fine.  Only problem is we're getting ready to use ldap in our enviroment and it requires -with-pam support.   On an RP7410 (HP) system it works fine as it uses virtual consoles.


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