[sudo-users] Sudo

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Wed Mar 16 11:44:07 EST 2005

Ladino, Angela (Getronics) wrote:
> I have a problem with sudo in Solaris 9. When I run it I get "Sorry,
> sudo must be setuid root." and sudo quits. I review the possible
> solutions in the page FAQ but the problem continue. The others machines
> has Solaris 6 and solaris 8 but I do not have problem. 
> Can you help me please ??

Before anyone would know enough to help we would need some more
information from you about the installation of sudo on your system.

How was it installed?  Was this something you compiled and installed
yourself?  Or did you install a precompiled package?

What is the current permissions on 'sudo'?  What is the output of the
following command?

  ls -l /usr/bin/sudo


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