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Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Thu Mar 17 10:47:44 EST 2005

In message <0255E1A297DFC84FB8B1D55F3E206C7161248D at xtrnet12x2.xtrnet12.extra.ne
	so spake "Ladino, Angela (Getronics)" (Angela.Ladino):

> 1. I installed sudo-1.5.9p3-sol7-sparc-local
> 2. ---s--x--x   1 bin      bin        59008 Aug 15  1999 sudo

Sudo needs to be owned by root, not bin.  To fix:

# chown root /path/to/sudo
# chmod 4111 /path/to/sudo

Where /path/to/sudo corresponds to the location you have the sudo
binary installed.

However, be aware that sudo 1.5.9p3 is quite old.  You should really
be running a more up to date version (current is 1.6.8p7).

 - todd

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