[sudo-users] Syntax of Cmnd_List

Jonathan Villa jvilla at innovativesource.net
Thu May 12 10:56:32 EDT 2005

I'm trying to give sudo access to a shell script that does only 2 things...

cp and mv

I've tried looking into using the following from the sudoers man
Cmnd_List ::= Cmnd │
                      Cmnd ’,’ Cmnd_List

        commandname ::= filename │
                        filename args │
                        filename ’""’

        Cmnd ::= ’!’* commandname │
                 ’!’* directory │
                 ’!’* Cmnd_Alias

I'm not quite getting it...

Do I list the command and give it an alias then list it?


Cmnd_List = cpf, mvf

cpf = /bin/cp /home/location/* /home/location2/
mvf = /bin/mv /home/location/* /home/location3/

or have I totally misunderstood something?


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