[sudo-users] Sudo on Solaris 10 AMD64

Allen Hewes allen at decisiv.net
Mon Nov 7 15:27:27 EST 2005


I am getting a odd error with sudo 1.6.8p9. I am on Solaris 10 x86 with
the latest patches. Its an AMD64 Opteron. I ran configure with:
--prefix=/usr/local/packages/sudo --with-pam --with-insults
--with-all-insults --disable-root-sudo

Output of cc -V: cc Sun C 5.7 2005/01/07
CFLAGS are -xtarget=opteron -xarch=amd64
LDFLAGS are -M /usr/lib/ld/map.noexstk -xtarget=opteron -xarch=amd64

When I run sudo I get sudo: pam_authenticate: Dlopen failure.
Pam_authenticate is being called from auth/pam.c. I get this error in

sudo[715]: [ID 401707 auth.error] open_module:
/usr/lib/security/64/pam_authtok_get.so.1 failed: ld.so.1: sudo: fatal:
libsoftokn3.so: open failed: No such file or directory

Output of ldd /usr/lib/security/64/pam_authtok_get.so.1
passwdutil.so.1 =>       /usr/lib/64/passwdutil.so.1
libpam.so.1 =>   /lib/64/libpam.so.1
libc.so.1 =>     /lib/64/libc.so.1
libcmd.so.1 =>   /lib/64/libcmd.so.1
libsldap.so.1 =>         /usr/lib/64/libsldap.so.1
libnsl.so.1 =>   /lib/64/libnsl.so.1
libldap.so.5 =>  /usr/lib/64/libldap.so.5
libdoor.so.1 =>  /lib/64/libdoor.so.1
libmp.so.2 =>    /lib/64/libmp.so.2
libmd5.so.1 =>   /lib/64/libmd5.so.1
libscf.so.1 =>   /lib/64/libscf.so.1
libsasl.so.1 =>  /usr/lib/64/libsasl.so.1
libsocket.so.1 =>        /lib/64/libsocket.so.1
libnspr4.so =>   /usr/lib/mps/64/libnspr4.so
libplc4.so =>    /usr/lib/mps/64/libplc4.so
libnss3.so =>    /usr/lib/mps/64/libnss3.so
libssl3.so =>    /usr/lib/mps/64/libssl3.so
libuutil.so.1 =>         /lib/64/libuutil.so.1
libpthread.so.1 =>       /lib/64/libpthread.so.1
libthread.so.1 =>        /lib/64/libthread.so.1
librt.so.1 =>    /lib/64/librt.so.1
libdl.so.1 =>    /lib/64/libdl.so.1
libsoftokn3.so =>        /usr/lib/mps/amd64/libsoftokn3.so
libplds4.so =>   /usr/lib/mps/amd64/libplds4.so
libaio.so.1 =>   /lib/64/libaio.so.1
libm.so.2 =>     /lib/64/libm.so.2

Does anyone have any ideas? 


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