[sudo-users] env_keep and LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Angelo Primavera a.primavera at quipo.it
Wed Dec 6 04:43:44 EST 2006

Hi all,

I have read some posts about how to  keep the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable and the answer seams to be of two type:

    use a command wrapper

    use the Default setting for env_delete/env_keep.


I 'm using sudo 1.6.8p12 on Linux redhat 7.3 and I would like to avoid the wrapper ( system user are already annoyed  using "sudo" command!) so I've tried each of next options :

    Default env_delete-=LD_LIBRARY_PATH

    Default env_delete-=LD_*

    Default env_keep+=LD_LIBRARY_PATH

    Default env_keep+=LD_*

Unfortunately none of them works.


My question is: 

    env_delete /env_keep options are applicable to LD_LIBRARY_PATH? If yes, what is wrong with my settings?


Thank you in advance


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