[sudo-users] Same U/N - different UID's -- trying to use sudo inscripts across subnets.

Galen Johnson Galen.Johnson at sas.com
Tue Dec 19 11:19:31 EST 2006

Does the nagios user share a numeric ID on the server that prompts you?  Unix doesn't care about the name so much as the numeric ID associated with it.

As for the NOPASSWD on a specific command, you should be able to use the full path to amcheck.  I generally prefer to use command aliasesso as an example:

Runas_Alias	AMUSER=amanda
Command_Alias	AMANDA=/path/to/amcheck


Unless you need amcheck to run as root, substitute (root) for (AMUSER).


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I'm trying to get my nagios user to run an AMANDA 'amcheck' command via a python check script.

Works fine on the backup server.
Will not work across the network. (It always prompts for the password)

The only difference is that the usernames are the same (nagios) but their UID's (calling sudo) on each server are different.

I used this on the target server:

*couldn't figure out how to use 'NOPASSWD' and a specific command (in this case 'amcheck' - didn't know if because it is an SUID file that that would pose a problem.)

all FC4 / sudo-1.6.8p8-2.2

My question to the list is two-fold:

1. Am I correct in the reason that it won't work?
2. Is there a work-around? (Aside from changing the UID's on both servers to match?)

-thank you.

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