[sudo-users] sudo and passwd problem

Covington, Jimmy D. (NGIT) Jimmy.Covington at va.gov
Thu Feb 2 11:06:00 EST 2006

Actually we found that users who are in ldap are the ones affected....Since there is no "root" account in LDAP, you have to use the LDAP GUI or ldapmodify command to change a user's passwd...

And no, we don't have runaspw enabled in sudoers. 

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On 2006-02-01 08:25:50 -0600, Covington, Jimmy D. (NGIT) wrote:
> Please reread my question and example...Even if I login as root, it asks
> me to enter the user's passwd! 


       runaspw     If set, sudo will prompt for the password of the user defined by the
                   runas_default option (defaults to root) instead of the password of the
                   invoking user.  This flag is off by default.

Is it on? Try sudo -V as root.


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