[sudo-users] Has anyone successfully modified the default "mailto" string in sudoers file

Stoddard, Kevin M Kevin.Stoddard at ihs.gov
Wed Jan 18 13:18:05 EST 2006

Quoting directly from the, Sudoers Manual, (Copyright 2004 GratiSoft, Inc.)...
    Page 11 - mailto
                        Address to send warning and error mail to. [SIC]  The address should be enclosed in double quotes (") to protect against sudo interpreting the @ sign.  Defaults to root.
This implies the following form is correct:
    Defaults    mailto = "me at hostname"
...and (if you have the fqdn flag turned on)
    Defaults    mailto =  <mailto:> "me at hostname.mydomain.edu"
...this should work, too.  However, I have tried all the following syntax examples and STILL visudo whines about a syntax error on this line.
    Defaults    mailto = me    (Why not?  If the default is 'root'...)
    Defaults    mailto = "me at hostname"
    Defaults    mailto = "  <mailto:me at hostname.domain.edu> me at hostname.domain.edu"
    Defaults    mailto = "me at hostname"    (I saw an example with this syntax...Hey!  Who knows what kinda voodoo magic will fix the thing.?)
Page 6 - Last line of first paragraph, "Special characters may be escaped with a backslash (\)."
    Defaults    mailto = "me\@hostname"    (Didn't think so but sometimes the ridiculous does work.  Sad, that...)
    Host_Alias    AIX =
    Defaults    mailto = "me at AIX"
    Defaults    mailto = "  <mailto:me at 192.168.1/24> me at 192.168.1/24"
What is equally confusing is on Page 11 of this same document, about one third down from the top of the page is the line, 
Strings that can be used in a Boolean context:, yet I cannot find any information about any Boolean operators used in this file.  Does this
suggest the mere presence of this String implies TRUE?  But, since mailto suggest an associated argument to accompany it, does this then 
suggest the following syntax is correct?
    mailto = "me at myhost" || (or) mailto = "you at myhost"
I don't think so...  But...?
K. M. Stoddard

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