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You may want to consider setting up a group, such as, "WEBFOLKS", assign the necessary users to this group, and then create, "chmod root.WEBFOLKS",

...This should read, "chown root.WEBFOLKS"...
...Followed by, "chmod 77n"...

...rights to /opt/WebSphere/*.  Since you appear to desire "giving away the farm" to everyone, sudo doesn't really make it simple.  As you discovered, sudo only gives group rights to one level of a directory.

I'm assuming you wish to give not only execute privileges to applications in those directories but the ability to read and right data files, as well.  The above approach is probably the easiest way to accomplish your goals.  If it is only execute privileges you want to give, and, if the number of programs is manageable, you can do this:
	1) create a directory that gives all users execute privilege,
	2) create links in this directory to those programs you wish them to use,
	3) you now can create a sudo, group directory, to this new directory.

(This worked for me on RH Linux, version 8.0.  I am in the process of testing it on AIX 5.2)

Hope this is of some help...

P.S. You might find the article at, http://squidward.mit.edu/rhe1-doc/RH-DOCS/reh1-rg-en-3/s1-users-group, (I'm not sure if the 1 "ones" are "ones" or if they are l "els") of some value to you if you plan to have a lot of users working in those directories at the same time.

Today's Topics:

   1. Help with Sudo (dprice1 at metlife.com)


I need to give a group full root access to a directory /opt/WebSphere  and
all its subdirectories.  The only way I know to do this is by using a
wildcard /opt/WebSphere/*  but that seems to only give me access to
anything within that directory but not any of the subdirectories.

Is there an easy way to give full root access to /optWebSphere and all of
its 1500+ subdirectories.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Dean Price
dprice1 at metlife.com
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