[sudo-users] sudo ldap and Dynamic groups

Vasile Lucaciu vasile.lucaciu at nortel.com
Mon Jan 30 10:21:02 EST 2006

Hi Aaron, 
Could you please give me a hint on the issue described below : I have
tested sudo vers 1.6.8.p11 on Solaris 9 client  with PAM, all users are
stored on  SUN LDAP ds vers 5.2  server on Solaris 9. It works fine if I
provision sudoers with individual userid. 
I'd like to use LDAP dynamic groups (based on some object classes) / or
LDAP role/  instead of  provisioning individual users. IS it possible ?
So far it seems that only netgroup and posix groups are allowed or i
just could not make it working. I would appreciate you answer. 
Thank you 

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