[sudo-users] prompt for root password

Vladimir A. Pavlov pv4 at bk.ru
Sun Jul 23 04:45:53 EDT 2006

On, Sunday 23 July 2006 01:59 mog wrote:
> In the sudo man page it suggests that sudo can be configured to
> prompt for the root password instead of the invoking users'. However
> I couldn't seem to find the documentation telling me how to do this,
> if someone could point me in the right direction it would be very
> much appreciated.

"man sudoers" says:

Default_Type ::= 'Defaults' |
'Defaults' '@' Host |
'Defaults' ':' User |
'Defaults' '>' RunasUser


Defaults               syslog=auth
Defaults>root          !set_logname
Defaults:FULLTIMERS    !lecture
Defaults:millert       !authenticate
Defaults at SERVERS       log_year, logfile=/var/log/sudo.log


rootpw - if set, sudo will prompt for the root password instead of the 
password of the invoking user.  This flag is off by default.

So, if you want, for example, guest to enter root's password when 
running sudo use the following line:

Defaults:guest rootpw

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