[sudo-users] sudo & cd command from rksh

paul harrison svradmin.paul at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 12:36:54 EDT 2006

I want to allow a user to be able to send test scripts and reports to  another
directory outside of their login, and
don't want to give them full account capbilities so as to prevent them from
cd'ing outside of their directory, so I set up the user with rksh(restricted
shell), but apparently this also prevents even sudo from executing the cd
 I was trying to

1.. Create a sudo account permission for the  user to run 2 shell scripts
as  another user
2.  Create shell scripts to copy the files to the appropriate directories:

# sql copy script
sudo cd sql(subdirectory within local user)
chmod 777 *
sudo cd /test/sqlrpts /sql (directory path outside of user login)
sudo cp / local subdirectory /sql/*

  any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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