[sudo-users] kill

Tue May 9 10:35:22 EDT 2006

I recently installed sudo 1.6.8p12 on our HPUX hp 9000 server.  I've
added some commands for the programming staff to use and they are happy
with it so far.  Another request has been to be able to kill other user
processes.  There is a need from time to time if I or the backup System
Administrator is not available, for users to kill processes.  However, I
definitely don't want them to be able to kill root processes and
probably another user (our database user).  I'm going to be playing
around with it today but I want to be careful and make sure it is
working correctly before I let the users go with it.


Is there any easy way to give a user or group of users the ability to
kill processes with the exception of root, and possibly another user?


Andy Pistocchi

DBA / Systems Administrator

The University of Tampa

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