[sudo-users] Giving access to one app for all users

David Ledger david.ledger at ivdcs.co.uk
Sun May 21 13:34:04 EDT 2006

At 15:01 -0600 18/5/06, Bob Proulx wrote:
>Paul Thompson wrote:
>>    When I modified the sudoers file, I cd to /etc and then
>>  authenticated as root before I ran visudo -f /etc/sudoers to modify
>>  the file.
>You are editing /etc/sudoers.
>The visudo command should have the path already compiled into it.  You
>should be able to simply run visudo and edit the file without having
>to go to a particular place and specifying the filename directly.
>   sudo visudo
>>  Pirates-Cove:~ paul$ strings /usr/bin/sudo | grep sudoers
>>  ...
>>  /private/etc/sudoers
>>  ...
>Looks to me like your sudo command is compiled to use
>/private/etc/sudoers and not /etc/sudoers.  Don't you agree?

On OSX /etc, /tmp and /var are links to /private/etc, etc. I can't 
say I understand why. I thought it might be to make it easier to 
isolate those parts of the filesystem from the GUI, but /usr is real.

I have set up sudo on HP-UX and Solaris sites set up situations that 
venture a little beyond the trivial, but I've never needed to set up 
anything really complex and so I always have to work with the man 

I think we can be sure that sudo and visudo are using the same file. 
Could be a bug in Apple's port, but I would expect them just to build 
the standard distribution.


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