[sudo-users] tls +ldap + sudo = no go?

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When recommending to use "SSL for authentication and not for sudo", I was referring to Solaris and AIX. Both have their own LDAP client. We're currently not managing Linux machines yet, so we do not have experience with nss-ldap.

The point I tried to make is that, at least in our situation, using SSL/TLS for sudo does not have much added value. When the sudo client retrieves information from the LDAP server, no user passwords are communicated over this sudo channel. Well, apart from the user you've configured to bind to the LDAP server of course, in your ldap.conf file.

If the user needs to authenticate when trying to use a particular sudo command, the user's password will be sent over the LDAP client channel (nss-ldap in your case) and not over the sudo client channel. Authentication will take place in an encrypted way, as long as you have configured the LDAP client (nss-ldap in your case) to work with SSL/TLS.

If the user is not defined in LDAP but locally, verification of the user's password will take place locally. Again, the sudo/ldap client will not communicate the user's password with the LDAP server. 

So, maybe sudo/ldap works with SSL/TLS. Or maybe not. But frankly, IMHO, from a security point of view, there is not much to gain from using sudo in combination with SSL/TLS.

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after succeeding in compiling sudo --with-ldap --with-pam (I needed the pam-devel package) I have come across this problem. If I do not use tls in /etc/ldap.conf, then sudo works perfectly. If I do use tls (which is a must) then I get

sudo: uid 1000 does not exist in the passwd file!

a quick google search reveals that this is a known 'problem|feature'.  In this thread http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.tools.sudo.user/1659
Huibert Kivits suggests to use SSL for authentication and not for sudo. How does one do this? I thought that all went through nss-ldap.

So, is it impossible to use sudo + ldap + tls/ssl at this moment?
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