[sudo-users] sudo/ AIX /sulog

delfina.fanty at sungard.com delfina.fanty at sungard.com
Wed May 24 14:00:27 EDT 2006

All of my aix systems, when you login with your userid and su to root, the 
sulog shows root root instead of useridx root.  I looked at a couple of 
solaris systems and this isn't happening there.

I think the problem is with sudo on AIX.  I tried a couple of things:  If 
you force the command /usr/bin/su -, then it logs it correctly in sulog. I 
thought it may be the alias setup, but when I try to use sudo su -, it 
logged it as root root in sulog.

I have different version of sudo running on AIX and the same versions 
running on Solaris.  Versions 1.6.3p6 and 1.6.7p5.

Has anyone experienced this or know why it could be happening?


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