[sudo-users] execute blocked command from a script

Ran Li Ran.Li at rci.rogers.com
Fri May 26 12:16:08 EDT 2006

Hi Huibert,

Thanks for your reply, you solved my problem before. We don't have AIX in our environment yet, so you got me.

Regarding the question "execute blocked commands from a script", do you have any suggestion on that? If the matter is how to use it rather than sudo itself then I would like to hear your advise on how to consider this in an enterprise environment. Thanks again.



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Hi Ran,

Unfortunately, the NOEXEC option does not work on all platforms. For sure, it doesn't work on AIX.

Some smart guy at our company invented a way around this problem. Scripts - and any command that offers a shell escape - are only allowed to be run through a wrapper. This wrapper in itself is a script and looks like this:

export SHELL=/usr/bin/login

So what you basically do is the following:
- Create a script /usr/local/bin/wrapper
- Put the aforementioned lines in the script
- Permissions should be 555, and root should be the owner
- Authorize sudo's like follows:
  sudoCommand: /usr/local/bin/wrapper <the intended command or script>
  (This is how you would authorize the sudo through LDAP; dunno about a local /etc/sudoers file)


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Huibert Kivits

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Shell escape can be blocked by NOEXEC option, so I would not worry about that, unless there are other ways ... what I meant was even you can block vi, user still can insert a line using any other editor, so the question is ... if there is another way to block the command from being executed which already been blocked by "!/command" entry.

Thanks and regards,


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Worse than that.

You can use the stock 'vi' to spawn an interactive subshell, with the 
same priviledges as the user running 'vi'.

So if you give someone permissions to run 'vi' (and any command that 
permits opening an interactive subshell) as root, you've given them full

root access.

Ran Li wrote:
> hello all,
> I m using ldap based sudo, basically it allows users to do anything 
> except some commands like "shutdown" (sudoCommand 
> !/usr/sbin/shutdown).
> As I did a test, when user execute "shutdown" command directly it will

> give the proper output and will prevent user from doing so, "Sorry, 
> user is not allowed to execute '/usr/sbin/shutdown' as root on host"
> however, if user uses vi to edit a file/script, insert line "shutdown"

> and grant the execute permission to that script then it will be out of

> control.
> My question is, other than grant the user specific commands they need,

> is there a way to resolve this kind of issue?  Thanks.
> Regards,
> Ran
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