[sudo-users] Sudo & netgroups

Gabriel O'Brien obrieng at nm.cbc.ca
Thu Nov 2 15:37:14 EST 2006

Hey folks!

I have a quick question, I'm working on a standardized environment for
authentication and permissions escalation and I've run in to a little
snag with the way sudo seems to resolve hostnames.

This system is known by the following DNS names:


Both of these entries prompt the user for their password:

webmaster       host.sub.domain.cbc.ca = NOPASSWD: /my/script.sh
webmaster       host.domain.cbc.ca = NOPASSWD: /my/script.sh

This one doesn't:

webmaster       host = NOPASSWD: /my/script.sh

Any ideas where I should look or what I'm doing wrong?


Gabriel O'Brien
IT Analyst, MPS-EN-CBC.ca
w: 416-205-8740 m: 416-576-0088

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