[sudo-users] exempt_group question

Huibert.Kivits at mail.ing.nl Huibert.Kivits at mail.ing.nl
Fri Nov 3 16:57:11 EST 2006

Hi Martin,

IMHO, you've got two options:
1. Have user marto issue sudo commands like this:
    sudo /sbin/telinit
2. Add /sbin to the user's PATH, either through
   - the user's own .profile
   - the system-wide /etc/profile
  - a group profile, only to be executed by a specific group to which user marto belongs.

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Huibert Kivits
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Onderwerp: [sudo-users] exempt_group question

I am running Slackware Linux 11.0 with kernel 2.6.18
Here is my /etc/sudoers file:

root ALL=(ALL) ALL
Defaults:marto exempt_group=on
Cmnd_Alias MARTO = /bin/su, /sbin/telinit, /usr/sbin/checkinstall, /bin/ls, /sbin/mount, /sbin/installpkg, /sbin/removepkg marto marto = NOPASSWD: MARTO

As you can guess, my user is marto. The problem is that the commands from the /sbin directory cannot be found by sudo, because they are not in the in marto's PATH. So to free sudo from the PATH restriction, I decided to use the exempt_group string. However this does not seem to work. Whenever I type: sudo telinit 6 as marto, bash compains that it cannot find the command. If I add /sbin to marto's PATH, there is no problem. I wonder if there is some way to achieve that without modifying marto's PATH. I want marto to have access to commands in /sbin only via sudo.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance.


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