[sudo-users] Keep LD_LIBRAY_PATH

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Someone over here came with an elegant solution. Commands or scripts that are susceptible to this behaviour are to be run through a wrapper script. In our case, /usr/bin/doit.
People who need to run a specific sudo, are required to run it like this:
sudo /usr/bin/doit <original command>
Instead of just:
sudo <original command>

The code of the doit script is simply as follows:

# @(#)  doit 1.1 3/9/05 
export SHELL=/usr/bin/login

Obviously, you will need to define your sudo authorizations in such a way that employees are forced to use the wrapper script. At our company, we exclusively authorize sudo via LDAP, so the attribute would be like this:
sudoCommand: /usr/bin/doit <original command>

Give it a try. It works.

Obviously, using the noexec option on Solaris and some other UNIX flavors might also be helpful. The noexec option does not work on AIX, but "doit" has proven to be a very effective alternative.

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Until someone breaks out of your shell script and ends up at a root prompt. 

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On Thu, Nov 02, 2006 at 09:46:01AM -0500, Todd C. Miller wrote:
> In message <4549F682.4080200 at gmail.com>
> 	so spake Jan Albrecht (jan.albrecht):
> > I think crle is no option as I have to use on a system eviroment
> > HP-UX, AIX, Linux and Solaris are running. So there must be a system 
> > wide solution.
> > 
> > Is there no native way by sudo?
> The problem is that most dynamic linkers remove LD_LIBRAY_PATH when 
> running a setuid program (like sudo) so by the time sudo runs it is 
> not even in the environment.
> If you cannot change the global list of allowed shared library 
> locations you can always make a script that just sets the variable 
> appropriately and then executes the program that needs it.
>  - todd

*nod*  I mentioned this a day or two ago... realistically, if you're using sudo chances are you really don't want to simply blindly pass through something like LD_LIBRARY_PATH -- the possible nastiness there is, well... probably outside of this discussion.

It's really best to just write a simple wrapper script and name it something conscipicuous with regards to the actual executeable:

-- begin

-- end

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