[sudo-users] How to prevent editing sudoers-file

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If you store all sudo authorizations in LDAP, you can be certain the
user has no ability to change his sudo authorizations.
You would still have to audit /etc/sudoers, but that would be
considerably easier. /etc/sudoers should be 0 or 1 byte small, if you
would decide to manage sudo from LDAP.

Of course, this won't stop a user who has sudo ALL from doing malicious

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I want to give root-rights to a user with sudo. He should be able to  
do anything; but everything has to be logged. I prevented shell- 
escapes with noexec.
So far, so good.

Now the serious thing:

How can i prevent the user from editing the /etc/sudoers file with sudo?

Yeees, I could add the line:
!/usr/bin/vi /etc/sudoers

But have a look at this:

ln -s /etc/sudoers ./mysudoers
sudo vi ./mysudoers

Ring any alarming bells?

Obviously, I can't deny him making a softlink to the sudoers file -  
this doesn't require root rights. And I can't deny him to use vi  
(even then, there are soo many other texteditors who would do the  
trick if executed by sudo).

The user could gain more rights, or remove some restrictions defined  
in the sudoers file.

Sudo doesn't trace softlinks. I think that's a SERIOUS fault.

Or is there any possibility to make the /etc/sudoers file only  
editable by visudo (and no, absolutely no write-rights to root)?

Thanks for your help


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