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Penhale, Jeff Jeff.Penhale at aig.com
Fri Oct 6 03:17:37 EDT 2006

Default behaviour of su is to assume you want root, unless a username is

So "su -", "su" and "su - root" will all do the same thing, whether it's
sudo'd or not. Sudo eliminates the need to enter the accounts password,
which is the expected behavoiur when the commands are run as root, either
directly or through sudo.

Hope this helps 

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I have users able to su - as another user using sudo but how can I
exclude them from root?  I want them to be able to sudo su as any user
except root.  Right now if they type: sudo su and hit <Enter> they get
the root # prompt.  I don't want this.


Is there an easy way to allow them to su to all users except root?


Andy Pistocchi

apistocch at ut.edu


The University of Tampa

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