[sudo-users] allow / deny su

Huibert.Kivits at mail.ing.nl Huibert.Kivits at mail.ing.nl
Mon Oct 23 09:00:37 EDT 2006

Maybe because the command alias is /bin/chomd instead of /bin/chmod ?

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Onderwerp: Re: [sudo-users] allow / deny su

Hi all,

i've a more or less curious problem here.
This is my sudoers:

Cmnd_Alias    CHMOD = /bin/chomd

Defaults targetpw
%users ALL=(ALL) ALL

root    ALL=(ALL) ALL

user           ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL,CHMOD

When I remove the "ALL" from user, the user has to enter a password, when I add the "ALL", the does not have to enter a password. All I want is to enable passwordless chmod for this user. Any idea why this happens?


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