[sudo-users] Logging a Mandatory Comment with Each Use of sudo

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Hi Chip,

You could consider using "rootsh" in combination with sudo. It should
not only work with the user root, but with other accounts as well.
What it does is basically the following:
- via sudo, you authorize people to start a shell that runs under
another user
- subsequently, all keystrokes are logged.

Originally, rootsh would log both input and output. But you should be
able to compile it in such a way that only input is logged.

Check it out on sourceforge.

There is an alternative, which was called "sudosh", but which now has
another name, EAS, meaning simething like "Enterprise Auditing Shell".

Met vriendelijke groeten / With kind regards ,

Huibert Kivits
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programs, they treat security issues as a simple 'check-box' on the list
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Richard Forno & Kenneth R van Wyk, "Incident Response", O'Reilly, 2001,
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Onderwerp: [sudo-users] Logging a Mandatory Comment with Each Use of

My department is tightening up its auditing of the use of privileged
accounts accessed via sudo.  Management is concerned that application
administrators can so casually sudo into the administrative accounts
without having to log some kind of explanation of what they're up to.

Apologies in advance if this question has already been raised, but does
sudo have the capability to require an interactive user to enter some
kind of message upon successful authentication?  This message, maybe
just a line of text (supplied as a command line argument or on the
standard input), would be written to sudo's logs along with all of the
other, usual logging information.

Or would enhanced logging functionality belong not in sudo itself but in
some other piece invoked by sudo?

Again, sorry if this subject is old hat.


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