[sudo-users] error 1716

Eric Ladner Eric.Ladner at chevron.com
Wed Aug 8 16:04:12 EDT 2007

Unless you bought the advanced CC compiler, you'll need to go find GCC
off of software.hp.com or the HP-UX porting center.

See here:

or here:

On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 12:54 -0700, jifan sun wrote:

> attempting to configure sudo for the first time on a HPUX 11.11 system.
>   ran ./configure,
>   then ran make and see an error that I could not find on search Archives.
>   make
>         cc -c -I. -I.   -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D_PATH_SUDOERS_TMP=\"/etc/sudoers.tmp\" -DSUDOERS_UID=0 -DSUDOERS_GID=0 -DSUDOERS_MODE=0440  check.c
>         cc -c -I. -I.   -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D_PATH_SUDOERS_TMP=\"/etc/sudoers.tmp\" -DSUDOERS_UID=0 -DSUDOERS_GID=0 -DSUDOERS_MODE=0440  env.c
>         cc -c -I. -I.   -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D_PATH_SUDOERS_TMP=\"/etc/sudoers.tmp\" -DSUDOERS_UID=0 -DSUDOERS_GID=0 -DSUDOERS_MODE=0440  getspwuid.c
>         cc -c -I. -I.   -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D_PATH_SUDOERS_TMP=\"/etc/sudoers.tmp\" -DSUDOERS_UID=0 -DSUDOERS_GID=0 -DSUDOERS_MODE=0440  gettime.c
>         cc -c -I. -I.   -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D_PATH_SUDOERS_TMP=\"/etc/sudoers.tmp\" -DSUDOERS_UID=0 -DSUDOERS_GID=0 -DSUDOERS_MODE=0440  goodpath.c
>         cc -c -I. -I.   -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D_PATH_SUDOERS_TMP=\"/etc/sudoers.tmp\" -DSUDOERS_UID=0 -DSUDOERS_GID=0 -DSUDOERS_MODE=0440  fileops.c
>         cc -c -I. -I.   -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D_PATH_SUDOERS_TMP=\"/etc/sudoers.tmp\" -DSUDOERS_UID=0 -DSUDOERS_GID=0 -DSUDOERS_MODE=0440  find_path.c
>         cc -c -I. -I.   -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D_PATH_SUDOERS_TMP=\"/etc/sudoers.tmp\" -DSUDOERS_UID=0 -DSUDOERS_GID=0 -DSUDOERS_MODE=0440  interfaces.c
>         cc -c -I. -I.   -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D_PATH_SUDOERS_TMP=\"/etc/sudoers.tmp\" -DSUDOERS_UID=0 -DSUDOERS_GID=0 -DSUDOERS_MODE=0440  logging.c
> (Bundled) cc: "logging.c", line 138: error 1716: Automatic aggregate initialization is an ANSI feature.
> (Bundled) cc: "logging.c", line 139: error 1716: Automatic aggregate initialization is an ANSI feature.
> *** Error exit code 1
>   Stop.
>   Thanks in advance.
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