[sudo-users] Compiled in tmp directory.

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Tue Aug 21 09:57:38 EDT 2007

In message <E8B9048B7B76C34591C575B63EB76D5D843E4C at phx1amfpew01.am.sanm.corp>
	so spake "Chavez, James R." (james.chavez):

> Hello I downloaded Sudo into my tmp directory.
> i ran the configure script and the instal script.
> I then moved the entire install directory to /usr/local/sudo.
> The man pages for sudo do not work.
> Can anyone help me move the man pages or reinstall the man pages.

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do here.  If your intent
is to put sudo in /usr/local/sudo/bin, visudo in /usr/local/sudo/sbin
and the manpages under /usr/local/sudo/man you should run configure
with an argument like


That way "make install" ought to put things where you want.  As
Galen said though, you will need to add /usr/local/sudo/man to your
MANPATH environment variable (or adjust the config file for man if
there is one) so that the man command knows where to look.

 - todd

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