[sudo-users] Running as a user other than root

Mia Durand mdurand at harrahs.com
Wed Feb 7 10:36:36 EST 2007

My apologies I did have that copied over incorrectly (that's what I get for typing instead of copy/pasting).  I did in fact have REPCHK all caps in the sudoers file, but still received a message that the user was not permitted to run repchk as root.

After playing with this a bit I did get it to work by using this:

Runas_Alias DB = db2sds,db2util

sds     ALL=(DB) NOPASSWD:/home/db2sds/bin/repchk

When I run it I still seem to have to use the following to get it to work properly though.  When logged in as db2sds, I can run repchk without the full path, but this is the only thing that seems to work so far when sudo'ing it:

sudo -u db2sds /home/db2sds/bin/repchk

Perhaps there is an environment setting, or something of that nature that interferes?  I'm totally guessing at that though.

Thanks all for your suggestions.


Mia Durand wrote:
> Hi all,
> Fairly new to using sudo, and I'm trying to set up a user to run a
> job as a user other than root.  I included all of the syntax that I
> believe should work, but I'm still unable to get the command to run.
> Here is a snippet of my sudoers file.

Cmnd_Alias is case sensitive

> User_alias DB2=sds
> Cmnd_Alias REPCHK=/home/db2sds/bin/repchk

> DB2 ALL=(db2sds) NOPASSWD:repchk

> I have also tried this with:
> and also with:
> DB2 ALL=(ALL)repchk
> and also with:
> DB2 ALL=(db2sds)repchk
> But no matter what I include in the user specs I am continually told
> that user sds is not permitted to run this command.
> I remember hearing along the way somewhere that there may be some
> issue with running commands as a user other than root, but I haven't
> been able to find anything substantial to back that up.  Does anyone
> know what I might be doing wrong, or if this possibly does not work?
> Thanks in advance.
> ~Mia
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