[sudo-users] Sudo 1.6.8p12

Buffum, Charles CBuffum at timberland.com
Fri Jan 12 11:51:53 EST 2007

I tried both and neither worked, still searching.

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Shell escape processing would happen before sudo is called, so the $HOME
is being processed by the shell before it calls sudo.

Try putting $HOME in single quotes, or change the $ to \$

On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 10:45 -0500, Buffum, Charles wrote:
> I have a question on this version - I pulled down this version from 
> the web, configured and installed it on a our development machine 
> which is running AIX
> The configure was run as this:
> ./configure --enable-shell-sets-home --enable-log-host   
> I set up my sudoers file and tested, the sudo.log shows the entry for 
> the host as in the (--enable-log-host) entry above however the 
> --enable-shell-sets-home does not seem to work.
> I tested this vi doing the following:  sudo -u oracle8 echo $HOME
> Jan 11 15:54:11 : cbuffum : HOST=tblusr02 : TTY=pts/0 ; 
> PWD=/var/adm/sudo/sudo-1.6.8p12 ; USER=oracle8 ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/ksh 
> print /home/cbuffum
> I was assuming that this should show me the oracle8 home path, it did 
> not, it returned my home path - is there something I have missed? Is 
> there more to it than just the entry at the time configure is run? 
> Some entry needed in the sudoers file? I have tried several attempts 
> to get this to work and check the web for pieces I may have missed.
> Any information will be appreciated,
> Thanks - Charlie
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