[sudo-users] Sudo 1.6.8p12

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In the example given, the command should be:

	sudo -u oracle8 'echo $HOME'

The single quotes around the command tell the shell to delay processing 
the environment variables until later.  The shell spawned by the 
"sudo -u oracle" portion of the command will then be owned by oracle,
the HOME value now set to the 'oracle' user's home directory.

As shown in the original example, the HOME environment variable was 
expanded in the current user's shell with its value, not oracle's.

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Shell escape processing would happen before sudo is called, so the $HOME
is being processed by the shell before it calls sudo.

Try putting $HOME in single quotes, or change the $ to \$

On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 10:45 -0500, Buffum, Charles wrote:
> I have a question on this version - I pulled down this version from
> web, configured and installed it on a our development machine which is
> running AIX
> The configure was run as this: 
> ./configure --enable-shell-sets-home --enable-log-host   
> I set up my sudoers file and tested, the sudo.log shows the entry for
> the host as in the (--enable-log-host) entry above however the
> --enable-shell-sets-home does not seem to work.
> I tested this vi doing the following:  sudo -u oracle8 echo $HOME
> Jan 11 15:54:11 : cbuffum : HOST=tblusr02 : TTY=pts/0 ;
> PWD=/var/adm/sudo/sudo-1.6.8p12 ; USER=oracle8 ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/ksh
> print
> /home/cbuffum
> I was assuming that this should show me the oracle8 home path, it did
> not, it returned my home path - is there something I have missed? Is
> there more to it than just the entry at the time configure is run?
> entry needed in the sudoers file? I have tried several attempts to get
> this to work and check the web for pieces I may have missed.
> Any information will be appreciated,
> Thanks - Charlie 
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