[sudo-users] sudo: uid XXXX does not exist in the passwd file!

rhatuk rhatuk66 at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 12 17:28:40 EDT 2007

hi chaps,
I've a RHEL4 sudo ldap client authenticating against an ldap directory
server where I'm currently being able to authenticate and list users using
getent passwd, groups, etc., with no problem.

I've setup some sudo entries on the directory, and run some tests using
local users (/etc/passwd users).

however, when I try to do the same with an authenticated ldap user, I got a
"sudo: uid XXX does not exist in the passwd file!"

I've check the source code and this seems to be caught when running the
"getpwnam()" function; couldnt find documentation about if this function
ends up using PAM modules to gather info about the passwd database or if it
just tries to read /etc/passwd.

I've strace'd it and can sudo trying to connect to the directory server,
also when debugging the directory server transactions I see some queries,
but still can make it work right...

any ideas? :)

Thanks a lot!


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