[sudo-users] Fwd: SUDO package for Sparc version 1.6.8p12

Chris Jepeway jepeway at blasted-heath.com
Thu Jun 28 08:04:13 EDT 2007

> If the problem is a non (Solaris) standard vi linked to GCC:
> vi <filename>
> Would fail too with the same error, no?  Easy enough to confirm.
Well, if Tim's environment kept LD_LIBRARY_PATH in place
to run vim--installed as /usr/bin/vi--and vim used libgcc_s,
then there *would* be a difference between running with a
(mostly) empty environment and not.

> NOTE: If you compile sudo against GCC and the libgcc_s.so.1, is not 
> present,
> sudo will still run fine, unless you try to run a command using the 
> feature.  Then you'll see the linking error.
Aha.  That's the part I *didn't* know about NOEXEC,
and why I fwd'ed his msg along to y'all.

> Paul

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