[sudo-users] Fwd: SUDO package for Sparc version 1.6.8p12

Manochehri, Tim Tim.Manochehri at blueshieldca.com
Wed Jun 27 12:27:26 EDT 2007

Its a per command setting right?
Each command is comma separated.

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	On 6/26/07, Chris Jepeway <jepeway at blasted-heath.com> wrote: 

		Can anybody help Tim out?  My involvement with sudo
		predates the NOEXEC tag.
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		> Subject: SUDO package for Sparc version 1.6.8p12
		> Hey Chris,
		> I am having an issue with 'sudo' when NOEXEC is
		> Here is my sudoers file.
		> # sudoers file.
		> # This file MUST be edited with the 'visudo' command
as root. 
		> # User privilege specification
		> root    ALL=(ALL) ALL
		> %sysadmin       ALL=(ALL) ALL
		> %tsadmin        ALL=(iwui) ALL, (root) /usr/bin/su -
iwui, (root)
		> /usr/bin/su - tsadmin, (root) /etc/init.d/iw* st*,
		> /local/iw-home/private/bin/iwfsfix, (root)
		> /local/iw-home/private/bin/iwfsck, (root)
		> (root) /local/iw-home/bin/iwgroup, (root)
		> (root) /local/iw-home/iw-perl/bin/iwperl, (root) 
		> /local/iw-home/bin/make_toolkit.ipl, (root)
		> /local/iw-home/eventsubsystem/bin/eventsubd.sh, (root)
		> /usr/bin/vi
/local/iw-home/httpd/iw-bin/changePassword.cgi, (root)
		> NOEXEC: /usr/bin/vi

	Why do you have the same NOEXEC statement listed twice?

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