[sudo-users] Aliases

Micha codejodler at gmx.ch
Thu Mar 1 16:44:17 EST 2007

From a programmers point of view, the 'history' feature
could be improved. By now, it doesn't deal well with parallel 
login. With modern resources, it should also be no problem to 
make it log terminal, datetime, status of the login (local,remote,
sessiontype{local,sudo,ssh,X,...}) which also would be a little bit 
harder to manipulate - that is, would need more care. 
Then there could be adaptions of available log analyzers providing 
the necessary views, like split by separate login or by file access. 

Why, then, thinking of it, shouldn't the history just being logged, 
for example, via syslog-ng ? Where OTOH log daemons introduce
additional degrees of failure. But then they should be improved, 
too, given new responsibilities ;) -- you see no end. 

Someone should wrap his arms around all the logging mess and 
clean it from the scratch... If i got too much sparetime i'll install a 
SELinux just for fun and lookup what it offers.


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