[sudo-users] Older release of sudo

ian.guthrie at contractor.thomson.com ian.guthrie at contractor.thomson.com
Fri Mar 9 10:51:23 EST 2007

I compiled the latest version of sudo (i.e., 1.6.8p12) to include the
PAM library.

However, it indicates there are syntax problems with my sudoers file
which my 

current version of sudo (1.6.1) has no problem with.


I read that the newer version of sudo is not backwards compatible with
the older

format of the sudoers file.


Can someone tell me what is the last version of sudo that is backwards

with the format of the sudoers file that work with version 1.6.1?




Ian Guthrie

Thomson Financial


ian.guthrie at contractor.thomson.com



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