[sudo-users] sudo does not recognize group membership

"Richard Schöninger" Richard.Schmitt at gmx.de
Wed Mar 28 10:45:23 EDT 2007


we installed sudo version 1.6.8p12 on our AIX 5.3 box. Our users are stored in a central user management system from IBM called DCE.
When I allow a group "groupx" to run a programm with sudo, it works only, 
a) if the group is not defined in the local /etc/group file, only in DCE.
b) for users, who have "groupx" as their primary group.

Unfortuntaly most of gorups are defined in /etc/group and DCE (with the same gid). So sudo does not work for the users, which don't have the group as primary gorup.

Any ideas on how this can be solved?

Thanks in advance

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